Reliable Performance in Heavy-Duty Commercial On-Road, Agriculture, Marine, and Construction Applications.

Mechanical Pumps
  • Optimized gear design for low torque, contact stress or pressure ripple
  • Custom pump design to fit allowable space and deliver target performance
  • Typical fluids: Gear and motor oils, ATF, fuel, chemicals
  • Typical Flow Range: 0.021 – 48 GPM [0.08 – 181 LPM]
Electric Pumps
  • Pumping elements, motor, and drive optimized for best performance at specified running conditions
  • Seamless integration into a filter or casing, or stand alone
  • Voltage Range: 12V, 24V & dual voltage options
  • Power: up to 500W
  • Typical Flow: 50 – 1200LPH [0.22 – 5.28GPM], pressure up to 7 bar [100 psi]