Our History

The Past, Present & Future of Nichols Portland

In the late 1920s, W.H. Nichols Company began a groundbreaking journey as the inaugural manufacturer of gerotor pumps worldwide. Collaborating closely with the gerotor’s inventor, Myron Hill, W.H. Nichols engineered the equipment capable of crafting the complex gear shape.

This technological revolution led to the production of the world’s first gerotor pump and showcased our deeply rooted innovative spirit. 

Today, our team is proud of our long history, but also acknowledges we have to continue to move forward. Our company continues to be an industry pioneer, innovating daily and maintaining a competitive learning culture that sets us apart. Our successful history is only the beginning of our story as we continue to develop and boldly embrace the challenges of tomorrow.


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Since the beginning, W.H. Nichols Company has been built on innovation and dedication to excellence. From humble beginnings to becoming an industry-leader, our company has kept the same mindset -- our people are the heartbeat of our success.

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