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At Nichols Portland, we craft solutions that propel industries forward. With precision engineering and a passion for innovation, we've set the gold standard in advanced fluid movement technology.

Our gerotors offer efficient fluid displacement and optimal performance, while ensuring seamless operation, reduced wear, and longer service life.

What is a Gerotor?

A gerotor is a positive displacement device that consists of an inner rotor and an outer rotor. The term "gerotor" is derived from "generated rotor."

Gerotors are unique in that the inner rotor has one less tooth than the outer rotor. As the inner rotor turns within the outer rotor, the space between the gears changes, allowing the device to draw in and expel fluids or gases. This design ensures smooth, pulse-free flow with minimal noise and vibration.

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Gerotor Pump Diagram

Gerotor Pumps

Gerotor pumps leverage the principles of the gerotor design to transport fluids. They function by using the varying space between the inner and outer rotors to create chambers. As the rotors turn, these chambers grow on the intake side, drawing fluid in, and shrink on the discharge side, pushing fluid out.

The result is a continuous, smooth flow of fluid. Due to their efficiency, gerotor pumps are commonly used in various applications, including automotive oil pumps, hydraulic systems, and fuel transfer systems.


What is a Gerotor Pump and How Do They Work?

Industries Served


The automotive industry thrives on precision and innovation. Our specialized gerotor technologies are at the heart of excellence, ensuring everything from seamless engine lubrication to effective fuel delivery.


The industrial sector demands robust and reliable solutions that can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty operations. Our gerotors ensure optimal performance, durability, and efficiency, driving productivity in the most challenging environments.

Heavy Duty Truck

From highways to off-road, the heavy duty truck industry demands robust performance. Our gerotor designs enhance circulation and oil transfer with top efficiency and reliability. NP's gerotors deliver excellence, ensuring superior performance in every mile.


In the energy sector, our gerotors deliver essential fluid handling for oil, gas, and renewable operations. They enhance efficiency and safety in fuel transfer, lubrication, and cooling, supporting the industry's move towards sustainable energy solutions.


Our gerotors are engineered for the agricultural industry's precision needs in irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide application. They offer durability and easy maintenance, optimizing crop management and supporting global food production.


Tailored for the marine industry, our gerotors excel in fuel transfer, hydraulic systems, and engine lubrication, withstanding sea conditions. They ensure operational reliability and corrosion resistance for commercial, naval, and leisure vessels.

Solutions for every size:


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