Engineering Services

We offer design, analysis, and testing services to support your engineering team. The world’s largest automotive OEMs have contracted these services for both advanced and commercialization projects. From rotor and pump design assistance, to in-depth pump analysis, to extensive development and validation testing, our team is here to help you.


Design Support

Our strategy is simple and steers our customers clear of any design-related problems. Our team’s extensive experience and broad-based design knowledge allow us to see red flags before they occur, resulting in a much smoother design experience for our customers.

Types of support we offer:

  • Pump type (fixed or variable displacement)
  • Rotor geometry (type, displacement, size, other)
  • Clearance specification (journal, pocket, other)
  • Material selection (wear, thermal)
  • Fluid porting
Design Support 1

Design Analysis

test_gifWe offer both basic and advanced design analysis services. The goal is to provide analysis, or virtual testing, of a design prior to the procurement of prototypes. Finding problems during early stages saves money later.

Basic analysis services are offered free of charge to our customers and include:

  • power draw as a function of internal clearances, temperature, fluid type, and operating conditions
  • flow ripple predictions
  • basic cavitation prediction (non CFD based)

Our advanced analysis services include:

  • FEA analysis (pump and/or rotor level)
  • CFD analysis (aeration, cavitation, temp rise, valve resonance, other)

Development and Validation Testing

services-4Major automotive OEMs from all around the world have contracted our testing services for both advanced work and for product development and validation testing. Odds are, if you need it we can do it. Examples include:

  • Engine and transmission lube requirement testing
  • Pump performance and mapping services
  • Regulation valve characterization
  • Cold start calibration
  • Inlet restriction and altitude
  • Contamination resistance
  • Spring fatigue
  • Gear and bushing burn
  • Cyclic and steady state endurance
  • Resonance identification and dwell
  • Sine, Random and Sine on Random