Running a growing business for over a century teaches you a few things, among which is that if you treat people right, exceed their expectations, and insist on excellence, they’ll come back and they’ll tell their friends.
Nichols Portland has been one of Melling’s best suppliers for decades. The Melling engineering and launch groups appreciate working with the Nichols team because they know Nichols will help them ensure that the product design is optimized, product quality will be second to none, and delivery will be on or before the promised date. I highly recommend Nichols to anyone in need of a preeminently knowledgeable and highly capable powdered metal partner that can be trusted without reservation.
Mike Morse
Melling Tool Company
Director of Manufacturing
For decades Nichols Portland has been a very reliable supplier of high-quality powder-metal pump components as well as a valuable technological resource. The automotive pump market recognizes Nichols Portland as the go-to supplier for gerotor components and technology.
Top 5 Nichols Customer