Committed to knowing more. That’s the Nichols’ difference.

As the world’s first manufacturer of gerotors and gerotor pumps, Nichols has more than 85 years of continuous experience in the manufacturing, design, application, testing and validation of these products. We are known globally as both innovator and teacher in the industries we serve. We have gained a reputation as a rock solid manufacturer of precision pumping components. Where others struggle, we succeed. From automotive to industrial, foam packaging to engine lubrication, and everything in between, our team is here to help you.


Beginning in the late 1920’s the W.H. Nichols Company became the world’s first manufacturer of gerotor pumps. Working in partnership with the inventor of the gerotor (Myron Hill), W.H. Nichols invented the first equipment capable of producing this very complex gear shape. We then put our equipment to use producing the world’s first gerotor pump. That pioneering spirit is very much alive and well in our company today. For more than 85 years we have been revolutionizing the design of gerotors and gerotor pumps in everything from foam packaging systems to on and off road applications. Our deeply rooted understanding of all types of pumping systems is the very thing that makes us different. While our competition focuses on selling commodity components, our mission is to help you innovate and produce the world’s finest pumps.

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What Makes Us Different

nichols-portland-about-6Since the late 1920s Nichols has focused on just one thing, helping our customers design the world’s best pumping solutions.

As a result of this sustained effort we have built enduring partnerships with our customers, both big and small. From small niche pump manufactures to the major automotive OEMs, we’ve helped our customers create innovative products that have cemented their position in the markets they serve. That’s the Nichols difference. No one has been doing it longer. No one does it better.


About Gerotors

about-gerotorsThe word “gerotor” was coined by scholar Myron Hill, and is a merger of the two words GEnerated ROTOR.

A GEROTOR is made up of two components, an inner and an outer rotor. The inner and outer forms are truly conjugate, meaning that the rolling action of either one of the rotors will generate the form on the other rotor. This rolling action is one of the reasons that gerotors are known for their long-life and smooth operating characteristics.

As the rotors rotate about their respective axes, fluid is drawing into an enlarging chamber that is created between the inner and outer rotor. As rotation continues, the chamber will reach a maximum volume which defines the displacement of the rotor set. As rotation continues, volume decreases, forcing fluid out of the rotors. This process occurs for each and every pumping chamber, resulting in a smooth pumping action.